Custom Cranium - Home of the Snuff Stuffies!

Welcome to the lair of eccentric!

Your one and only home for the Snuff Stuffies! The Snuffies Orphanage works tirelessly to find homes for these cuties :) Besides the stuffies we also have osteo-oddities like art dolls, jewelry and decorated skulls.

What's Happening?

ALL NEW! Take a look at our Snuff Stuffy Coloring Book! Order one today and start customizing your own snuff stuffy :)

Updated the pages to include a social networking menu (look to the left). Help promote Custom Cranium! "Like", "+1", Blog, Email or Bookmark us today! (Might not work so great with some browsers, but highly recommended on Google Chrome, Firefox 4.0+, Internet Explorer 8 or higher)

Are you on Facebook? "Like" the Custom Cranium fan page on Facebook for all the latest news! (We're planning to post more on Google+ as it matures options like fan pages and APIs, but for now Facebook is still the primary source of up-to-date infos)

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