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Happy family / turkey week to all who celebrate it :) Custom Cranium will be closed on Thursday to enjoy the day. May it be savory whatever you consume. Send us the skull and feet if you did your own bird!

Dear Custom Cranium customers,

Sometimes we have to do hard things in business. While we are committed to bringing you awesome natural curiosities and art for a fair and reasonable price, the shipping companies simply aren't playing fair. Recently we've lost a bundle shipping out larger or irregular sized items. Effective immediately, we will be raising our shipping rates to compensate for this loss. For many of you contemplating larger pieces, you should consider that shipping may be equal to, or exceed the cost of your purchase. In that event, we will issue you a special coupon so that you can purchase other, smaller items at a discount which we can pack into your large shipment, thus saving you at least further pain.

We urge you to write UPS, FED Ex, and the USPS to register your displeasure with the costs. They went up during the last gas price hike and never went back down. (surprise surprise).

Curious people, consider this curious event!

We are pleased to announce Curious Gallery is returning for 2015! Save the date for January 10-11, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Portland-Downtown Convention Center at 1441 NE 2nd Avenue.
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I promise it doesn't always smell! ;)

(article from

Custom Cranium, which opened downtown last summer, just might be the creepiest art gallery – and I mean that in the nicest possible way – in a...
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Our new window display for that real "Science Store" feel.

OH YEAH! Best of Eugene came out yesterday, and WE GOT 2nd!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING!

Now why am I so happy about getting second? Because Custom Cranium has only been open for 4 months as the science store it is, so all of those votes had to have come in in that short of a time! 4 months to get second place is totally respectable, and I send virtual hugs out to everyone who made that happen :)

Custom Cranium shared Lane Community College's event.

Lane Community College is putting on "Constance and Sinestra" and has just come to raid our store for props! You should go see and support this marvelous production :) Team Cranium will be there on the night of the 14th!


Gemiinii Riisiing - "Out of the Storm" (Official)

This lovely music video was shot with props and decor from the store! We actually DO have a creepy full skeleton deer marionette LOL

notice: since you do not have javascript enabled, the embedded player will not work, but you can still see this video via this link.

Today we had our first obvious theft. A baby bunny (leveret) in a small jar was stolen from us this afternoon by a couple who came in and were asking a lot of questions. The dude was a redhead, short curly hair, wearing a newsboy cap. If anyone sees this thing, please let us know.

Handmade masks, Bones galore, Hats, we've got what you need to make Halloween amazing. 10% off $20 or more through October 2014, just mention this post in-store.

Gorgeous beautiful quality handmade masks!

New things are DEFINITELY afoot at Eugene's best (and only!) science-based osteological gallery and oddities shop. Looks like October is going to be very good for us indeed.

About Custom Cranium

Artist's Statement:

"I think this type of art is something of a second life for a being that may not have gotten to live out its full original life, and it's evocative of a regeneration, or reincarnation of sorts. Every life is important and artists such as ourselves are an important part of all of these animals, we touch their life every time we touch their bodies. It's an homage to life, if you really see it. Not death, although the two can't really be separated.

Because of artists who work with these materials, I hope every part of every animal is used."


No animals are ever harmed for the purpose of becoming Custom Cranium artwork. Custom Cranium simply gives more meaning to what is left after that death.

About Custom Cranium and the Snuff Stuffies:

Darien made her first stuffies in 1997 as a hobby, honing her taxidermy skills over the years including working at places like Skulls Unlimited. She began producing Snuff Stuffies for the rest of us in 2007.

These days her products include Snuff Stuffies (stuffed animals repurposed with bones, jewelry, armature and more), bone jewelry and other "Osteo-oddities". Custom work IS available!

Custom Cranium has a good following on Facebook, please join us and "Like this page". See the main web site for more information as well as links to the shop to see what is available right now.


Phone: (541) 525-9037


Custom Cranium
1331 Willamette St
Eugene, OR
United States, 97401


Hours (GMT-08:00):



Osteo-oddities, Taxidermy, Artwork, Jewelry, Natural Materials (bone, leather/hide, teeth, etc). We sell our own creations as well as show and sell art on consignment from other artists.

If you need something weird made, we can do it!


Along with art work we sell a wide range of skulls, bones and oddities at our brick and mortar shop. We don't have the ability to list ALL of our inventory in our online shop but we do put many of our items online. Click the "Shop" link to look at our online inventory,

If you don't see something listed on our online shop that doesn't mean it isn't in the store. Plus ... as long as it is legal ... if you want it, we can get it for you!

NOTE: We are often in the shop tinkering after hours and sometimes on Sundays. If you're stopping by and we aren't open, feel free to call and see if we can let you in or set up an appointment :)

We carry things for every price range, from a couple bucks (or even a herd) to custom commissions that you dream up based on your budget. Something for everyone!

To view our items for sale online, please go to

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