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Osteo-oddities, Natural Materials Artwork
(bone, leather, hide, teeth), Jewelry, Prints, articulated skeletons, taxidermy


Dear custom-ers, please remember that our business hours are Tues-Fri 11-7 PST and Sat 12-6 PST.

While we are often around other times online to answer questions, these are the only times someone will likely respond to phone calls, texts, or PM's in a quick and timely manner. We understand that the time zone differences between the Pacific and Eastern coasts can make for some troubling scheduling but please remember that we have families and lives outside of our business as well. We value each and every one of of you and are committed to giving you the best products and services we can. That is why our accounts go directly to Darien and myself as opposed to an answering service. We want you to talk right with the source, not with a secretary. :)

Custom Horns ... take that, poachers.

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Custom-ers ... Update: We are modifying our hours a bit. We will be closed on Mondays. If Sunday or Monday is the only day you can make it, please drop us a note and we'll try to make an appointment to open the shop for you!

Parking is available on street or behind our building, just drive through the gate (please don't block the shared entrance driveway). We are still working with the building owner to put in a new front door. Please use the door in the back of the building in the parking lot for now. The door on the front of the building doesn't currently work but will not be an issue soon (tm).

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We just got a mention in an article on The Nerdist! I did an interview for a story on Game of Thrones, here it is, just posted today :)


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Look at all these gorgeous mounts we have! Come in and pick out your new friend today!

Custom Cranium shared a link.

Two fake skeletons relaxing in armchairs on the bed of the Colorado River initially had Arizona authorities diving to find human remains.
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We have gorgeous new fossil ivory bits in! These have been shaped and polished already, often leaving the beautiful dark patina around the edges. You can't find better fossil ivory for a lower price, my wonderful supplier is a true gem.

We have some really cute rat jewelry in store! Including adjustable rings!

You asked for it, we answered! One gorgeous huge whole wolf pelt, winter thickness, all paws with claws, enough lip skin for a full or rug mount.

Or custom leather maker just brought us these sumptuous handmade iPhone wallet cases! We have two oxblood and two black, come get yourself a new accessory!

New heads on the wall! Red stag, caribou and wildebeest :)

Hey CC fans, We need volunteers today 3/25/15 to help out with some spring cleaning. If you can be available from noon to 7, leave a message here. Thanks! -CC Crew

X-Rays of the 2-bodies-1-head Alpaca baby (momma lived). Once we have the articulation done we'll be doing posters and t-shirts.

PS. Sharing (from this link) is caring :)

One of our giant African orders came in, and we have such a gorgeous selection of new stuff for you!
Wallaby, warthog, wildebeest, hartebeest, blesbok, gemsbok, plus new rams and the softest reindeer hide ever.

You guys are in for a treat! Blackhorse Forge has sent us a box of gorgeous high-end hand-forged Damascus steel knives. These are incredible affordable collector's items, each one unique.

About Custom Cranium

Artist's Statement:

"I think this type of art is something of a second life for a being that may not have gotten to live out its full original life, and it's evocative of a regeneration, or reincarnation of sorts. Every life is important and artists such as ourselves are an important part of all of these animals, we touch their life every time we touch their bodies. It's an homage to life, if you really see it. Not death, although the two can't really be separated.

Because of artists who work with these materials, I hope every part of every animal is used."


No animals are ever harmed for the purpose of becoming Custom Cranium artwork. Custom Cranium simply gives more meaning to what is left after that death.

About Custom Cranium and the Snuff Stuffies:

Darien made her first stuffies in 1997 as a hobby, honing her taxidermy skills over the years including working at places like Skulls Unlimited. She began producing Snuff Stuffies for the rest of us in 2007.

These days her products include Snuff Stuffies (stuffed animals repurposed with bones, jewelry, armature and more), bone jewelry and other "Osteo-oddities". Custom work IS available!

Custom Cranium has a good following on Facebook, please join us and "Like this page". See the main web site for more information as well as links to the shop to see what is available right now.


Phone: (541) 525-9037


Custom Cranium
154 Lawrence St
Eugene, OR
United States, 97401


Hours (GMT-07:00):



Osteo-oddities, Taxidermy, Artwork, Jewelry, Natural Materials (bone, leather/hide, teeth, etc). We sell our own creations as well as show and sell art on consignment from other artists.

If you need something weird made, we can do it!


Along with art work we sell a wide range of skulls, bones and oddities at our brick and mortar shop. We don't have the ability to list ALL of our inventory in our online shop but we do put many of our items online. Click the "Shop" link to look at our online inventory,

If you don't see something listed on our online shop that doesn't mean it isn't in the store. Plus ... as long as it is legal ... if you want it, we can get it for you!

NOTE: We are often in the shop tinkering after hours and sometimes on Sundays. If you're stopping by and we aren't open, feel free to call and see if we can let you in or set up an appointment :)

We carry things for every price range, from a couple bucks (or even a herd) to custom commissions that you dream up based on your budget. Something for everyone!

To view our items for sale online, please go to